Meddlesome Brewing does not serve food.

However each day, we have a local food truck on site, serving up amazing food for our customers! Check out the calendar below to see our weekly food truck schedule and upcoming live events!

The week's events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
September 18, 2022(1 event)

1:00 pm: Dim Sum Memphis

September 19, 2022(1 event)

All-Day: closed

September 20, 2022(1 event)

5:00 pm: Taco Tuesdays w/ El Mero Delivery

September 21, 2022(1 event)

4:00 pm: New Wing Order

September 22, 2022(1 event)

5:00 pm: Eddy's Pepper

September 23, 2022(1 event)

5:00 pm: Top Dawgz

September 24, 2022(1 event)

2:00 pm: Champ's BBQ