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Our Flagship Beers.

The Curious series is an intro to our brand. All well balanced beers but with their own distinct characters. Our core three are for those Curious about craft beer and all it has to offer.

When darkness falls upon the land earlier and earlier, it's time to reach for something heavy.  Int... <read more>

  Bust out the holy water 'cause it's getting evil in here.  Devil's Water is a Belgian dar... <read more>

Meet Under Pressure, our vanilla porter. This English Brown porter could stand on it's own but w... <read more>

She Devil is our Belgian Golden strong ale. Dangerously smooth and sweet, this hellhound also pa... <read more>

  Dirty Dova is a New England style double IPA. The use of of premium American two row barle... <read more>

201 Hoplar is everything Memphis is! Strong, Flavorful and an unforgettable experience. Chocked ... <read more>

With the strength of a broad sword and the power of a forging hammer, this American Brown Ale is ... <read more>

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